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Association “Novi Sad Wind Quintet” (original Novosadski duvački kvintet) is a non-governmental and non-profit association, founded for an indefinite time for accomplishing goals in the area of musical art. The goals of the association are: enhancement of musical art, expansion of musical culture, development of musical pedagogy, inclusion in world trends of musical performance, modernizing methodology of instrumental teaching, recognizing, developing and supporting young talents in the area of musical art, promotion of artistic music as basic civilization, social and cultural European values.

In order to achieve the goals, association particularly:

1) collects and process scientific, artistic and technical literature in the area of arts;
2) organizes, alone or together with other organizations, concerts, professional meetings, consultations, seminars, competitions and other forms of education in the area of musical art;
3) publishes books and other publications about problems related to art and art pedagogy, in accordance with the law;
4) organizes teachers and other experts in the art education of children and youth in order to spread musical culture;
5) cooperates with universities, schools, professional associations and other organizations in the country and abroad which work on improving musical art;
6) connects with similar associations in the country and abroad and enters similar associations union.

Founders of the association “Novi Sad Wind Quintet” are:
Veronika Antunović Marić
Ksenija Mijatović Korom
Nada Mijatović
Mirko Marić

Association “Novi Sad Wind Quintet” was founded on 9th of October 2012 in Novi Sad, and it was registered in the Business Register Agency on 5th of November 2012.

Association “Novi Sad Wind Quintet” participated in contests by City of Novi Sad in 2013, when they received funds (300.000 dinars) for realization of the project “Promotion of unusual concert spaces in Novi Sad”, as well as in 2014 when the association received funds (300.000 dinars) for realization of project “Cycle of concerts 5+1 gratis”. After that in 2016, the association received funds (300.000) for the project “Playing with ease” in the contest by Ministry of Culture of Republic of Serbia. The last in a row of contest the association applied for was by Serbian Music Authors’ Association which gave funds (100.000) for realization. During 2017 they carried out the project “5+5=dektet” and the realization of the project was enabled by Provincial Secretariat for Culture, Public Information and Relations with Religious Communities. The amount which was given in that contest was 400.000.

Association “Novi Sad Wind Quintet” published CD named “Music of Serbian composers for woodwind quintet” in 2017.

Association “Novi Sad Wind Quintet” organizes Chamber music festival in Novi Sad and cooperates with association “Memorial Isidor Bajić” from Novi Sad and association “Muzička omladina Novog Sada”.

Association “Novi Sad Wind Quintet”
Miše Dimitrijevića 62
21 000 Novi Sad
Company/association number: 28094892
Tax Identification Number: 107795953
Bank account: 170-30016278000-29 UniCredit Bank
Representative: Veronika Antunović Marić

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